Laundry Tips

Let’s be honest, when designing a new home or renovating an existing one, the laundry is often the forgotten room.

However, we believe it is an opportunity to create seamless design and add some colour. Executing this though can be overwhelming as there is so much choice from tiles, joinery, tapware and paint colours, it can be hard to decide what will be a functional space for you and your family.

In this blog, we will give our best tips to make this process a little bit easier and most importantly to have FUN in your next laundry design

  • Space planning your laundry to make sure it will work and function first. Be practical and consider all the things you need to store away like brooms and cleaning products.
  • Select your appliances first. Plan the space to fit the appliances you intend to use.
  • Consider the finishes. Not only to look good but easy to take care of and maintain.
  • Lots of light. Good lighting is important so you can see the colours of your fabrics and linen. It’s a work room so you need to be able to see everything properly. If you don’t have access to natural light through windows, then use bright white lights and add a few additional ones over task areas and bench tops. A lot of the new LED lights now come in various colour outputs such as Neutral White 4000K, Warm White 3000K and White 6000K. We generally recommend Neutral, but if you need more light then use white light 6000K to give you maximum brightness.
  • Ventilation. Its great to have natural ventilation if possible so if you are designing a new home consider the location of the laundry and provide outdoor access with windows and doors to be able to air the laundry, but also invest in a good exhaust system.
  • Also consider where the new laundry will be in your house and what will work to suit your daily routine and lifestyle. Consider if the laundry might be better next to your kitchen rather than at the other end of the house so you can multi-task or use the laundry as an extension to the kitchen when entertaining or making preparations for large parties.
  • Storage for the everyday things.  If everything has a place the laundry will stay clean and tidy most of the time. Make sure you allow tall storage for mops and brooms.
  • Also consider power point location. You may also consider an additional power point in a tall cupboard to house a stick vacuum like a cordless Dyson. They are great for quick access to zip around the house when you don’t have time to pull out the big plug in vacuums. Note: Make sure you plan a space to store the bigger vacuum cleaners too.
  • Include drawers in your laundry design and pull out basket drawers or hamper drawers for dirty linen.  If you have room, additional sorting drawers for washing to separate your whites, darks, and colours so they are ready for the next load, keeping the washing off the floor on washing day.
  • Include a hanging rail under the overhead cupboards over the sink and bench top. You can hang washing to air on raining days or drip dry over the sink or hang the ironing if you like to iron in the laundry.
  • Internal wire ware and storage accessories. There are so many nifty accessories and storage solutions you can include inside your cabinetry to save room and make the best use of your space.  But beware, this is where cost can add up quickly and change the budget of your laundry dramatically.  But the right selection can make a big difference to your laundry design.